Speechless The Musical

Speechless the musical is the U.K.'s, possible the world's, first fully integrated disabled and non disabled mainstream show addressing issues around communication impairment. Speechless tells the typical coming of age story of a teenager on the run from her over bearing parents and their limited view of her adulthood; her need for a voice being heartily ignored and her being subjected to highly dubious medical practices that promise a miracle cure.

The issue is she can't run due to her having severe cerebral palsy!

We go on a journey from a world of painfully low expectations and childish smothering (due to age old damaging assumptions about people without speech) to the bright lights of the big city where she sinks into a life of crime to get what she needs - a voice!

This productions will be shocking and confront ignorance face on! 


Kate Caryer

In this society, if you haven' t got speech you don' t have a voice. The Shining a Light report by Communication Matters suggested that fewer than half of the people who need a communication aid actually have access to them. I have always been passionate about theatre and the performing arts and I want to raise awareness of this unspoken situation, I think that by combining these mediums I can create something that raises awareness as well as being fun and accessible to mainstream audiences.